37 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends At Home Or Outside (2023)

If you are on social media at all, then you have probably noticed a few of the most popular challenges trending on the internet. Some of the most popular challenges around include the ice bucket challenge, where you pour a bucket of ice cold water on your head, and the cinnamon challenge, where you attempt to eat an entire spoon of cinnamon.

While these challenges might seem very silly, they can also be amusing and fun for the participants. Many of the people who do these challenges do them with their friends or family members.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to do a challenge with a friend. The biggest excuse to do a fun challenge with friends is that it can be a great solution to boredom. If you want to, you might even decide to take pictures and videos to document your fun challenges.

Below is a list of various fun challenges that you and your friends might want to try out. You can try some of these challenges and if you manage to do all of them, you can even try to come up with your own creative challenges. Some of the best challenges are fun and silly. While many challenges might be gross, it is best if they are not dangerous.

Because everyone is different, not everyone will handle the more extreme challenges in the same way. If someone has a certain allergy or medical condition, then be sensitive about the extent that they can participate in a certain challenge.

Make sure to ask the participants about any allergies or health issues that they might have. When taken too far, some of the most fun challenges can sometimes go wrong.

Always make an effort to be safe. If you are doing a challenge and think that your friend is in pain or needs medical attention, then be prepared to seek help when necessary.

Most of all, you will want to remember to have fun with these challenges. And do not forget to take some photos or even a video of these challenges as you and your friends complete them.

Here is a list of some of the most fun challenges that you can do with your friends along with instructions on how to complete these challenges.

1. Ice bucket challenge

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the ice bucket challenge. While it is most known as a way to help raise money for ALS, it has also proven to be a source of entertainment for many people and their friends.

To do the ice bucket challenge, you will need a sizeable bucket that is full of some water and ice. Ideally, you would have at least one friend that will turn the contents of the bucket onto your head. Because it will definitely get messy, you should do this challenge outside. Your driveway or backyard are good locations for the ice bucket challenge.

Because the participants are bound to be very cold after they participate in this challenge, you might want to have a set of dry, clean towels nearby to warm them up. You might even instruct the participants to bring a spare change of clothes.

Other people might even choose to do the ice bucket challenge in their bathing suits as opposed to regular clothing. Needless to say, this type of challenge will be a lot tougher to do in cold weather.

2. Food Challenges

Some of the most fun and entertaining challenges out there involve food. This might be because our sense of taste can be so hardtop ignore. When it comes to a food-related challenge, the less appealing the food, the better the challenge.

There are other food challenges that do not involve disgusting foods. Instead, these challenges involve taste testing and guessing what different foods are.

3. Cinnamon challenge

While it tastes great when lightly sprinkled on many different foods, the cinnamon challenge is not as easy as it sounds. To successfully complete this challenge, you have to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon in a minute or less without drinking any liquids.

Before attempting this challenge, you and your friends might want to watch a video of someone else attempting the cinnamon challenge. It is said to leave you with a burning sensation, so you may or may not want to think twice before trying this challenge that looks deceptively easy.

4. Raw onion challenge

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Challenge yourself and see if you can manage to eat an entire raw onion. See how far you get and note that this challenge is not for the faint of heart.

5. The wasabi challenge

Try to see if you can eat a teaspoon of wasabi in less than a minute. This challenge can be modified as well. You can also have a contest amongst you and your buddies to see who can eat the most wasabi.

6. Hot pepper challenge

This challenge is another spicy one. Do you think you can eat an entire hot pepper? It is up to you and your friends to decide which pepper to eat. For this particular challenge, it would be cruel to not allow the participants to drink water.

There are a wide variety of hot peppers to choose from. From habanero peppers, which are very hot, to ghost peppers, which are even hotter, it is up to you and your friends to do your research on the various types of peppers that are available.

7. Warhead challenge

This particular challenge is not spicy, but it sure is sour. If you have never had them before, Warheads are a small candy that are extremely sour for the first few seconds. With this challenge, you and your friends will compete to see how many pieces of this candy you can eat at once.

8. Lemon challenge

This is another extremely sour challenge. To do this, you will want to cut a bunch of lemons into wedges. Compete with your friends to see how many lemon slices you can eat.

9. Lime challenge

This challenge is the same as the lemon challenge, except this time you will use limes instead.

10. The Wendy’s 99 cent value menu challenge

With this challenge, you will order one of everything off of Wendy’s 99 cent value menu. See if you can eat everything without throwing up. If you do throw up, then you are disqualified.

11. Eat it or wear it challenge

This challenge is a really fun one that you can play with either 2 people or a small group of friends. You have to have an assortment of food that will go into numbered paper bags.

In a bowl, put folded up pieces of paper with numbers that will correspond to the numbers on each bag. Each person participating will take turns choosing a number from the bowl. You have to either eat a spoonful of the bag that you get, or you have to wear it.

In this case, wearing the food means to put it on your shirt or on your head. You can advise those who are participating to wear a shirt that they won’t mind getting dirty.

For this game, it is fun to pick out foods that people do not like. Some good ideas include baby food, mustard and other condiments, hot sauce, horseradish, and so on.

12. Chubby bunny challenge

For this challenge, you will need plenty of marshmallows. At the very least, you should have one bag of marshmallows, though you will want even more depending on how many people are participating.

Compete with your friends to see how many marshmallows you can fit into your mouth. Each time you put a marshmallow into your mouth, you have to say chubby bunny.

This challenge will seem very easy with the first few marshmallows, but it will get harder and harder with each marshmallow that you try to stuff into your mouth.

13. Ice cream sandwich challenge

This food challenge is full of surprises. Fill a bowl with various food items written on pieces of paper. These food items will be used to make ice cream sandwiches. When choosing foods, keep in mind that they have to be able to serve as a receptacle for the ice cream.

Some ideas for foods include lettuce, bacon, hamburger buns, burger patties, graham crackers, cookies, waffles, and pancakes. It will be fun to see who gets the delicious ice cream sandwiches and who gets the less appetizing ones.

14. The 5 saltine cracker challenge

While this challenge might just seem like an opportunity to have a snack, it actually is a lot more difficult. The real challenge is that you cannot have a drink in between saltine crackers.

15. The powdered donut challenge

We all love donuts, but have you tried the powdered donut challenge? Try eating 5 powdered donuts in less than 5 minutes without having anything to drink. Whoever finishes first wins.

16. Ice bath challenge

To do this ice bath challenge, you will have to get into either a bathtub or a kiddie pool full of water and ice. Don’t forget to have towels ready for when you are done with the challenge.

17. Foot ice bath challenge

This challenge is a less drastic version of the ice bath challenge. Instead of submerging your entire self in a tub of ice water, you will just dip your feet in.

18. Blindfolded makeup challenge

This challenge is a really goofy and fun one to do with your friends. Make sure that you have some eye masks or blindfolds to cover your eyes. Gather a nice of variety of makeup including lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and blush. You can even include foundation and concealer if you like.

Each participant in this challenge will be assigned to do makeup on another person. The person doing makeup will have to be blindfolded.

19. No mirror makeup challenge

For this makeup challenge, you will be applying the makeup to your own face, only you will not be able to use a memory. Find out how good your makeup skills really are when you do not have a mirror to help you.

20. Blindfolded hairstyle challenge

For this challenge, participants will wear blindfolds as they style the hair of a volunteer. You can use fun hair styling tools and accessories like combs, brushes, scrunches, and hair gel.

For safety reasons, you should avoid using sharp tools and hair equipment that requires heat such as curling irons and crimpers.

21. Pop rocks challenge

To do the pop rocks challenge, each participating individual will see how many pop rocks they can fit into their mouth.

22. Blindfolded food tasting challenge

For this challenge to work, none of the participants can know what any of the foods are. Entrust someone who is not doing the challenge to gather various foods together.

Each participant will wear a blindfold as they taste the different ingredients and attempt to identify them. Some fun ideas for a taste test include pop rocks, jerky, hot sauce, various cheeses, and so on.

23. Nose-less food tasting challenge

To do this challenge, you will need some clothespins and blindfolds. Have someone who is not participating pick out various foods for everyone to try.

With this challenge, the participants will see how hard it is to identify foods when they cannot rely on their sense of sight and smell. They will also be surprised at how their sense of taste can be affected when they do not have the ability to smell their food

Any food can really be tried for this challenge. Some ideas include different types of cheeses, various herbs like basil, and different kinds of meat, and beverages.

24. Shabby chic food challenge

This challenge is a fun way to figure out if your palate can really tell the difference between expensive and cheap foods. You can try this out with any kind of food.

Have a designated person shop for different foods. If cheese is on the list, then they should get an expensive cheese and a cheap, common cheese. The same can be done for chocolate, candy, snacks, cold cuts, drinks, wine, and even water.

The participants should not know ahead of time which food is the cheap, or shabby one, and which food is the expensive, or chic food.

25. Pizza challenge

Order a whole pizza pie for each person who is participating in this challenge. See who can finish a whole pie in one sitting. The first person to finish their pizza pie wins the challenge. If someone vomits then they have lost the challenge.

26. Bubble gum challenge

See which one of your friends can chew a whole pack or roll of bubble gum. You might take this challenge a step further by seeing how much gum you and your friends can fit into your mouths. Can you fit 2 packs of gum in your mouth? How about 3?

27. Diet coke and Mentos challenge

For this challenge, you will need some packs of Mentos candy and a few bottles of diet coke. Fill your mouth with Mentos and then attempt to drink a bottle of diet coke.

28. Oreo challenge

To complete the Oreo challenge, you will need a box of Oreos. See how many stacked Oreos you can fit into your mouth.

29. Popsicle stick and cup tower challenge

Use popsicle sticks and plastic or paper cups to see who can build the tallest tower. You might be surprised at the different strategies that your friends might use.

30. Egg drop challenge

You may have done this experiment when you were in school, but it can also be a fun challenge to do with your friends. You will need raw eggs and various materials including tape, paper, newspaper, straws, and paper towels.

You and your friends will each attempt to build something for the egg in a limited amount of time. Then you will drop the eggs from at least 2 stories high and you will see which eggs survive the fall.

31. Marmite challenge

People often note marmite for tasting salty and pungent. Make lots of toast and see how much marmite you and your friends can eat on toast.

Or if you really want to make this a challenge, you can see how many spoons of marmite you and your friends can stomach.

32. Blindfolded drawing challenge

To do the blindfolded drawing challenge, you will need some blindfolds, pens or pencils, and sheets of blank drawing paper.

33. Baby food challenge

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Go to the grocery store and buy a variety of baby foods. From mushy peas and bananas to carrots, you can find a wide assortment of baby foods for you and your friends to try. Try a spoonful of each food that you get in order to complete this challenge successfully.

34. Whisper challenge

The whisper challenge is a very funny guessing game that you will enjoy playing with your friends. In order to play, you will need a set of noise-cancelling headphones and a few phrases written on pieces of paper.

Put the headphones on someone’s ears and play music very loud. Then someone else will pick out a phrase and say it to that person. The person with the headphones will try to guess what the phrase is.

You can pretty much use any phrase for the whisper challenge, but you will want to keep each phrase short. You can even use names as well. Some suggestions to use for the whisper challenge include “macaroni and cheese please,” “holy guacamole,” “are you a ghost,” and “what’s cooking, good looking.”

Other fun ideas for phrase include celebrity names, popular slang phrases, and short movie quotes or song lyrics.

35. Accent challenge

For the accent challenge, you will write various accents on sheets of paper. One person will hold an accent that is selected at random above their head, while the other person will have to try to do the accent. The person holding the paper will have 3 chances to guess what kind of accent is being used.

One point is awarded every time an accent is guessed correctly. Ideas for accents include British accents, cockney accents, Southern accents, Californian accents, New York accents, Bostonian accents, Canadian accents, French accents, German accents, and so on.

36. Smoothie challenge

The smoothie challenge is not exactly as delicious as it sounds.

Gather together 10 delicious ingredients for a smoothie like strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, peaches, bananas, cherries, kiwis, melon, applesauce, yogurt, and juice and get together 10 other ingredients that would taste terrible in a smoothie like sardines, pickles, horseradish, wasabi, salt, hot sauce, mustard, garlic, cold cuts, and ketchup.

Write down the name of each ingredient on a piece of paper and fold up the pieces and put them in a bowl. Each participant will take turns drawing pieces of paper until they have enough ingredients to make their own smoothie.

See who ends up with the strangest smoothie and who will manage to finish their entire glass without throwing up or quitting the challenge.

37. Tin can challenge

Gather together all of the tin can foods that you can get your hands on. This can include foods like spam, Vienna sausage, corned beef, canned olives, canned peaches, and canned beans.

Some people even choose to include cat and dog food in this challenge but that might be a little too extreme for most people. Remove the labels from the cans to add more mystery to the challenge.

Label each can with a number and then write those same numbers on pieces of paper that will go into a bowl. Each participant will draw a number to find out which mystery can they will have to try. Don’t forget to have a can opener and some spoons handy.

Want another fun game to play with friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend? Check out our Truth or Dare Questions.


These are just a few of the many different fun challenges that you can try out with your friends. Any one of these challenges will provide you and your friends with a chance to bond, get goofy, and have plenty of laughs and great memories together.

You might even be inspired to create some of your own unique challenges. Who knows, whatever you come up with might even catch on and become popular to try.

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